Home Owners Opting for Kitset Kitchens to Maximize Small Spaces

As house prices continue to soar in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand, many people are being forced into buying smaller, less expensive homes and consequently having to work smarter with the smaller spaces available to them. 

Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of a smaller house is the loss of kitchen space, something many home owners just aren’t prepared to compromise on. The kitchen is the biggest hub for productivity in the household and any shortfall in space can affect that productivity and cause much frustration.    

Many of these home owners with limited kitchen space are turning to kitset kitchens as an ideal solution to maximizing that space. Kitset kitchens are readily available in New Zealand and come as flat pack kitchens. They vary greatly in quality, style and functionality and price is the biggest indicator of what you can expect from the one you buy. 

Having a kitset kitchen provides a compact solution in a small kitchen space, meaning you are allowing yourself more room for other essentials in the kitchen like dishwashers, tables and chairs, a pantry, oven and other storage compartments.

Kitset Kitchens

MiniKitchens who have showrooms in Tauranga, Auckland and Christchurch, sell New Zealand’s best kitset kitchens, made in Italy by Mobilspazio. Their range of flat pack kitchens have struck a chord with home owners, builders and DIY enthusiasts due to the impressive combination of style and functionality that they offer.

The Mobilspazio collection of kitchenettes range in price from $5390 - $6590. These units come with plate drainers and sinks with draining boards, as well as a rubbish bin, splash back, fridge, cooker, microwave and range hood. 

MiniKitchens charge $650 per unit to come out to your premises and install a mini kitchen, ready for your plumber and electrician to then do their parts.






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