27 Jan, 2015

Kitchens Shrinking as Apartment Living Appeal Grows

What used to be the very heart of the family home is now being down-sized and given less importance as the demand for apartment living increases. Read more

21 May, 2015

Home Owners Opting for Kitset Kitchens to Maximize Small Spaces

As house prices continue to soar in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand, many people are being forced into buying smaller, less expensive homes and consequently having to work smarter with the smaller spaces available to them. Read more

22 June, 2015

Flat Pack Kitchens a Cost Effective Option for Home Owners

Flat pack furniture is ready to assemble furniture that can be easily put together by you or your builder. Upgrading a kitchen can be highly expensive but flat pack kitset kitchens are a great cost effective option.

22 June, 2015

Why People are opting for Mini Kitchens over Standard Kitchens

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s only natural that we want the perfect kitchen to suit our needs. Having a kitset mini kitchen is becoming increasingly popular for their flexibility, functionality, affordability and because they offer stylish design solutions for small spaces.

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