Why People are opting for Mini Kitchens over Standard Kitchens

For many people, the kitchen is the hub of the home, so it’s only natural that we want the perfect kitchen to suit our needs. Having a kitset mini kitchen is becoming increasingly popular for their flexibility, functionality, affordability and because they offer stylish design solutions for small spaces.

An increasing number of people, especially in the rapidly growing city of Auckland are opting for smaller homes and apartment living and are wanting to make the most of the smaller kitchen space they have available. Developers also appreciate being able to allow for more space in living areas and bathrooms but without being forced to compromise on style and quality in the kitchen.  

Flat pack kitset kitchens such as those provided by New Zealand based firm MiniKitchens, are an ideal solution because they enable home owners or developers to really maximise the use of that space. They come as a kitset and flat packed, so they're easy to deliver, fast to install, and offer flexible layout solutions. Consequently, they're also viewed as an attractive kitchen option because they're so cost effective. 

Flat Pack Kitchens

MiniKitchens offer the Mobilspazio range of quality kitset kitchens, which are expertly designed and crafted in Italy. Their products are durable and long lasting and with 5 different models and colours of mini kitchens to choose from, in different sizes, there are options to suit a variety of interiors.

Whether you're a home owner, builder or developer, be sure to consider all the advantages of a flat pack mini kitchen for your project. Talk to us at MiniKitchens or visit our showrooms to find out more about how our beautifully designed, affordable kitset kitchens will work for you.


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