We would like you to have the best possible experience assembling your MiniKitchen. With that in mind we strongly advise you to adhere to the following safety guidelines.

  • Please use any tools, and their recommended safety equipment, according to their manufacturers instructions. Do not use them in a way that may cause injury to yourself, another person or damage to property.
  • As this cabinetry is made from high quality dense panelboard some individual pieces are heavy. Please be sensible when lifting or moving objects. Use good lifting techniques or have another person assist you, if required, to avoid personal injury.
  • Your MiniKitchen should be constructed on a flat hard surface so that once fully assembled it can be easily slid, on its plastic feet, into its final position. We advise you seek help when moving it as the final product will be of considerable weight.
  • If you are assembling your MiniKitchen in a carpeted area we advise you to construct it on a piece of hardboard or MDF type board. This will make it easier to move into its final position and avoid the risk damaging the MiniKitchen, or the carpet when it is moved.
  • Some tasks are required to be done by qualified tradesmen including plumbing, gas and electrical work. Ensure that you use a licensed electrician or plumber and insist on a certificate of compliance for the work done. This will ensure all work is done to New Zealand standards and complies with your insurance cover.